Asphalt Roofing

The most widely used roofing shingle on the market, asphalt roofing has a proven track record in Maine and across the US. Austin and Sons uses CertainTeed’s Limited Life Time Architectural Dimensional Shingles. These multi-layered shingles provide a different, more rich appearance than other, more basic counterparts.

As with all asphalt shingles, they are 100% recyclable. Austin and Sons does it’s best to be mindful of our impact on the environment. That is why all asphalt shingles we gather as waste go to a recycling facility to be used in in RAS (Recycled Asphalt Shingles) in road pavement.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing can provide many benefits for your home. While installation costs are much higher than asphalt, a metal roof can last for over 50 years! In colder climates like Maine metal roofing provides maximum shedding of snow and rain. Metal roofing also has the ability to silence noise, like rain or sleet. Metal roofing has gained popularity over the years due to the energy efficient benefits it provides. Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can learn more about the many benefits to metal roofing here.

Rubber Roofing

Yes, we can install rubber roofing, too! Austin and Sons uses EPDM(Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer) Rubber Roofing, a durable synthetic rubber material. EPDM roofing systems are the number one choice for buildings with no slope to low slopes roofs. In cold weather climates, black EPDM is usually used so that it’s able to convert the sun’s UV rays into heat, which is beneficial in the Northern U.S. With white EPDM, titanium dioxide is added so that it repels the sun’s UV rays, resulting in preventing the heat from deteriorating the polymers in the roofing system. White EPDM is more commonly used in the south where warm seasons are longer. George Austin is certified with International Diamond Systems, which recognizes the best in rubber roofing installations.

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