Specialty Jobs

Austin & Sons recognizes that our jobs can’t stop at just putting on your roof. From snow removals to gutter installations, we mean it when we say: We Cover It All!


Austin and Sons is also able to install gutters when we install your new roof. Gutters can provide some very important protection, especially in harsh Maine winter weather. Providing protection from water run-off from your roof, wood siding and decks from mildew and mold, preventing shrubbery washout and keeping ice off steps and entryways are some of these benefits that you can get with a gutter installation. Austin and Sons can also provide gutter guards to protect your new gutters from clogging with leaves, ice and large debris.

Snow & Ice Removal

We know just how rough the winter can be here in Maine. Allowing snow and ice to build on your roof can lead to several issues from leaking due Ice dams to your roof caving in due to high snow load. You should leave snow removal to the professionals so as not to damage your roof or get hurt. Our excellent staff will remove the snow off your roof and remove ice builds from your home, making sure you and your home are safe and sound.

We Cover It All!