Just like your brand new roof, the siding on the exterior of your house is the first piece of protection your home has against the elements. With harsh winters and summer sun exposure, Maine homes are in special need of having adequate protection. Thanks to our suppler, Applicator’s Sales and Services Inc., Austin and Sons is able to provide a variety of different kinds of siding, each with its own distinct ways of protecting your home. Here is a list of some of the products we offer and the benefits you can get from them. Request a quote or call our office to discuss yours options with our roofing specialists.

Shake & Shingle Siding:

Throughout the history of American home styles, you can find traces of shakes and shingles. This product is made to resemble a wood pattern. They give off an authentic look, without the one drawback from actual wood products – rot. Enjoy a true American look, without the constant need for repairs and maintenance.


Composite Siding:

Known as weatherboard elsewhere in the United States, the type of siding comes in various materials. One of the main benefits for composite siding is that it is affordable. Depending on a few factors, you can spend much less on this product than tradition wood products. This type of siding is also easy to maintain and can last for many years, with any signs of wear and tear. They also will never need to be painted, such as with traditional wood siding.


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